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Animal Welfare Officer

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Contract Type
Full time

Location: Willand, Devon
Job Type: Permanent
Reporting to: Technical Manager
Hours of Work: 3.30pm – Midnight with Flexibility Required
Pay: £10.50 per hour

To monitor, develop and implement animal welfare management systems and competency assessment requirements & achieve 2SFG policy in relation to Animal Welfare in order to ensure that all customer and legislative standards are met by driving a “right 1st time” culture.

Key responsibilities include:
• Site shall designate an animal welfare officer for each slaughterhouse to assist them in developing working practices and procedures and ensuring compliance with the rules laid down in COUNCIL REGULATION (EC) No 1099/2009 on the protection of animals at the time of killing and UK Statutory Instrument The Welfare of Animals at the time of killing 2013.
• The animal welfare officer shall be under the direct authority of the site and shall report directly to GM on matters relating to the welfare of the animals. He or she shall be in a position to require that the slaughterhouse personnel carry out any remedial actions necessary to ensure compliance with the rules laid down in the Regulations.
• The responsibilities of the animal welfare officer shall be set out in the standard operating procedures of the slaughterhouse and effectively brought to the attention of the personnel concerned.
• The animal welfare officer shall hold a certificate of competence as referred to below, issued for all the operations taking place in the slaughterhouses for which he or she is responsible.
o ensuring that training courses are available for personnel involved in killing and related operations;
o delivering certificates of competence attesting the passing of an independent final examination; the subjects of this examination shall be relevant to poultry and correspond to the operations listed below:
• the handling and care of animals before they are restrained; (ii) the restraint of animals for the purpose of stunning or killing; (iii) the stunning of animals; (iv) the assessment of effective stunning; (v) the shackling or hoisting of live animals; (vi) the bleeding of live animals; (vii) the slaughtering in accordance with religious slaughter requirements
• The animal welfare officer shall keep a record of the action taken to improve animal welfare in the slaughterhouse in which he/she carries out his/her tasks. This record shall be kept for at least one year and shall be made available to the competent authority upon request.
• The animal welfare officer shall be responsible for the assessment of personnel carrying out operations listed in section 4 to deliver competency assessments for certification.

Skills and competencies:
• L2 or higher Food Hygiene/Food Related Qualification
• Animal Welfare Training
• L2 or higher HACCP qualifications
• Good standard of spoken & written English which will allow written instructions to be read & effectively communicated
• Solid level of numeracy – able to calculate & report on performance
• Excellent track record of working in a team; building capability ,addressing any issues effectively and in compliance with legislative and company policies & procedures
• Self motivated and highly resilient
• Ideally experience of a working in poultry slaughterhouses or other abattoir environments.
• A high level of flexibility is required and ability to problem solve in a fast paced environment with sometimes conflicting needs & wants
• L3 Training Skills and Practices qualification, in order to instruct to a high standard
• L3 Award in Assessing Competence in the Work Environment
• L4 Award in Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice Manufacturing background or similar
• Be fluent in English with the ability to speak any other languages desirable

Saulius Zalieckas SELLER

Price £ 10.5